Oct 26

A nostalgia in Manga

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Since the second week of my first quarter in Stanford, my routine has been established as work at the lab, work at home, sleep at home (I’m not sleeping at the lab…yet), and eating whatever is possible in the middle. Last week (or was it the week before? I loose track of time…), I bought the Final Fantasy Tactics for PSP. This is a game that I missed back when the PS one was still raging and have longed to play it ever since. However, due to my workload, I have not even opened it and will probably not be able to until the end of the quarter. Being videogames an activity that demands high focus and quite some time, I have traded their joy for the more quick and turn-a-page e-manga. Specifically, I have rediscovered my passion for manga in Onidere, not because of the deep character personalities with a post-apocalyptic measure of the post-modern archetypes of youth (such as Akira), or because the highly stylized and seductive artwork (like any Satoshi Urushihara manga), but because of the honesty of the romantic comedy and the total lack of rationality. I remembered why, back when I was 14, I became an anime addict when I watched Ranma 1/2 (speaking of which, a new OVA is going to come out next year, and the animation looks just like a Miyasaki movie…kudos to that). Truth be told, my vision of true love is mostly based on the (granted) simplistic nature of Ranma and Akane’s relationship. Reading Onidere was like returning to those years where seeing how a girl’s face could blush by simply thinking of his boy would make me smile.

I now have a Ranma-Akane relationship of my own (she doesn’t hit me with mallets…most of the time), and it’s heart-warming to know that I have someone who keeps blushing when she thinks about me. I guess life can be pretty anime-ish at times.

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