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September 23rd, 2008 | Category: Computers & 570x0FF

Recently, I started to notice the true impact of the now everywhere-accessed internet. People blogging all the time, posting to twitter, ogling facebook photos, chatting away from their cellphones, giving their opinion on the latest piece of news, reading rss, searching, etc. The web has truly become another dimension, another place, another world (those who have played Mage: The Ascension know what I’m talking about). For those of you who know me, you would think that these changes would make me extremely happy and excited…and a past version of myself would. However, time and experience have changed me. I don’t feel I fit in the model of a person who spends his whole life online. I think social apps like facebook are overrated, a fad, a bubble that is going to burst (see MIT’s Technology Review take on this).

A friend told me recently that she hadn’t seen me code in weeks. She told me, just pull my leg, that if I stopped coding I would stop being computer scientist.The truth is, I love to code. I love to program, in different languages, in different ways. However, contrary to the frenetic activity that is programming, I also like to sit a while and think. I haven’t write much code recently because I have been busy reading some papers in order to write a research proposal for my Phd application. There have been entire days that I have spent thinking about the problems I want to address in my research. I have been generating ideas, algorithms, and methods that will make up my project for the next four to eight years (depending on the program that I get accepted to). In this way, I have been true to my computer scientist nature.

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