Nov 8

To the next level

Open source contribution. It’s been in my head for quite a while. I’ve always wanted to do something meaningful for the community that has given me so much. Ideas have come and go, none of them relevant enough. “Join a project then!”, some may say. And that I shall, but first I want to create something original for the benefit of the community.

Yesterday came and with it the news of Android (you know, the mobile OS) and the Open Handset Alliance. At the time I was “t-w-inkering” with my twitter micro-blog and wondering how to make better use of a network of connected computers and phones. “What do people need?” was the question ricocheting in the (sometimes hallow) caverns of my mind. A mirror image of myself answered: “For starters, more people”. And it’s true. Homo sapiens (sapiens) is a social animal by nature. We get work done mostly thanks to the work done by other people. The open source movement and to more extremes the Free Software Foundation, are examples of how the will of many can achieve complex goals. Connected people, aggregate creation, defero synthesis. Combine the idea of connection of twitter with the project administration vision of sourceforge. “Lame” the critics say. Indeed, a lame idea when it comes to software projects. However, a potent tool for other types of projects. Imagine that you have a great idea but not enough “manpower” to make it happen. So you publish this idea and people who are interested contact you. A micro-community is made around your idea, connected through any type of communication apparatus by the power of micro-blogging (micro-milestoning, how’s that huh?).

“But that isn’t really an open source project”. Granted. True. Admitted. It is not an open source project. It is an open project enabler. A benefactor of sorts. Ubiquitous defero synthesis.

“Umm, you mentioned Android…what about it?” I’ll let you figure out where that piece of technology fits in.

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